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DDEX has standardised a series of Message Suite Standards that define the syntax and semantics of business metadata exchanged by members of the digital media delivery chain. Amongst these are notifications of new products, including updates, to Digital Service Providers. That standard, the Electronic Release Notification Standard (ERN), can also be used when a catalogue of Releases is transferred from one record company to another record company.This standard defines the process and Choreography for the notification of the intent of a catalogue transfer (typically from the “selling” record company to its distribution partners, or DSPs), the notification of a completed catalogue transfer (typically from the “selling” record company to its DSPs) and the provision of label copy information to the “buying” record company by the “selling” record company.The process defined herein may also be used to inform third parties such as Music Licensing Companies or chart companies about a catalogue transfer.

Any organisation wishing to implement this (or any other DDEX Standard) is required to apply for an Implementation Licence. The terms of the licence and an application form can be found at

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