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This standard provides a standardised means for owners of a catalogue of Resources and Releases, who are exclusive rights holders or licensees for that catalogue, to inform their Release Distributor partners (DSPs) of an impending transfer of that catalogue to another exclusive rights owner or licensee. The DSP is therewith informed to takedown the affected Releases at the specified point in time (unless they receive information from the new owner or licensee of the catalogue that they can continue to sell the Releases – this process is also defined herein).

Finally, the standard defines a uniform method for the transferring catalogue owner or licensee to provide the receiving company with detailed information about the Releases and Resources that make up the catalogue. The term “exclusive” here refers to those sound recording/Resource rights for a specific territory or set of territories.

This specification allows the transmission of information to be secured and caters for non-repudiation requirements to be met. While the location and owner of the FTP/SFTP server used for such transmission is not defined herein (this is left to be agreed by Release Creator and Release Distributor), the structure of the FTP/SFTP severs and names for files are defined by this standard. At this stage, this standard does not address issues arising from data mismatches detected during the information exchange.


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