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Each Batch shall be placed into a separate folder of its own. The folder shall be named with the BatchId. Each Release within that Batch shall be placed into a separate folder using the ReleaseId of the Release as its name. A NewReleaseMessage for each Release shall be placed into that folder Resource files shall be placed into a subfolder called “resources/”.

The ManifestMessage, and FtpAcknowledgementMessage (if used), shall be placed into the root folder of the Batch.

Note, if possible, the ReleaseId used should be a GRid as defined in the GRid standard. However, if that is not possible, the Release Creator and Release Distributor shall mutually agree a different unique identifier.

For the avoidance of doubt, this standard supports exchanging information via FTP and/or SFTP. It is for the message sender and message recipient to agree the specific protocol to be used

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