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This Profile is for reporting Royalties based on Broadcasts of Resources.

To indicate that a Sales/Usage Report is created in accordance with this Variant, the Profile Cell in the HEAD Record shall contain the value BroadcastReportingProfile and the ProfileVersion Cell shall contain the value 1.0.

The following Records shall be communicated for each Block in this order:

  1. None or one Release Record RE01.

  2. One Sound Recording Record AS01 followed by one or more Musical Work Records MW01.01 or one Sound Recording Record AS02.01. The Sound Recording Record is the Record against which any sales/usage figure is provided.

  3. For each AS01 or AS02.01 Record: One or more Sales/Usage Records SU05.

The Blocks shall be preceded by one or more Summary Record SY08 for each Broadcast Channel and Rights Controller to whom the Sales Report Message is addressed, to provide information on Usage, Revenue or Sales allocated to that Rights Controller according to the calculations made by the Message Sender.

Figure 1 – Two Blocks of Records when Reporting Broadcasts

 The table below provides an overview of the order and cardinality of the Records to be used in this Profile.

Record TypeCardinality


1-nOne SY08 for each RightsController
 AS01 or AS02.011 If no (or partial) musical work information is available, an AS02.01 Record  should be used with the the relevant Cells left empty.

May only follow an AS01 record.

   SU051-nThere shall be one SU05 Record for each Resource that has been broadcast for each broadcast channel and for each RightsController.


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