DDEX Standard

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Each Batch shall be placed into a separate folder of its own. The folder shall be named with a priority indicator followed by an underscore character and the BatchId. Each Release within that Batch shall be placed into a separate folder using the ReleaseId of the Release as its name. A NewReleaseMessage for each Release shall be placed into that folder. Resource files shall be placed into a subfolder called “resources/”.

The value for the priority indicator may be "P" to indicate all Releases in the batch are deemed to be a priority delivery, M if some of the Releases are deemed to be a priority delivery whereas others are not, and "N" to indicate the none of the Releases in the batch are deemed to be priority delivery. The meaning of priority in this context should be agreed by the Release Creator and the Release Distributor. Mixing non-priority and priority deliveries may cause problems, especially when no acknowledgements are used.

The ManifestMessage, shall be placed into the root folder of the Batch.

If possible, the ReleaseId used should be a GRid as defined in the GRid standard. However, if that is not possible, the Release Creator and the Release Distributor shall mutually agree the use of a different unique identifier.

The ErnAcknowledgementStatusMessage shall be placed into a folder called acknowledgements/.

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