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7.6.1 Purpose

This command can be used by a Release Distributor to request an Atom Feed Entry for a Release for which the Release Distributor only knows a Release ID. The Release Distributor will call, after appropriate authentication if needed, the web service address previously agreed between the Release Creator and the Release Distributor (see Clause 6.4).

The syntax for this call is not prescribed. Below are two possible approaches (with base.url being the URL agreed between the Release Creator and the Release Distributor and xxx being the Release ID (typically a UPC) for which a URL is sought).

Example 1
Example 2

7.6.2 Syntax of Reply

The web server shall return one of the following standard HTTP response codes with their standard HTTP response code semantics (unless where clarified):

  • 200 (OK);
  • 202 (Accepted) – which in this case means that the Release Creator will add the requested Release information into the feed once the information has been created;
  • 400 (Bad request);
  • 401 (Unauthorised);
  • 404 (Not found);
  • 500 (Internal server error); and
  • 503 (Service unavailable due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server).

Other standard HTTP status codes may be used on bilateral agreement between the Release Creator and the Release Distributor.

If the status code is 200, the Web server shall also return an Atom Feed Entry in accordance with Clause 8.1.

If the status code is 202, the Web server shall add the relevant Atom Feed Entry into the queue of Atom Feed Entries that the relevant Release Distributor can obtain by using the GET ERNList method.

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