DDEX Standard

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The Digital Data Exchange, LLC (DDEX) has, in the past defined a series of message suite standards to make the communication of information along the digital music delivery chain more efficient. As part of these messages is the communication of Release details, including information about their parts, i.e. resources (such as sound recording or videos).

Such descriptions can, however, vary between different uses. For instance, the description of a Release that contains a single video ringtone track would differ greatly from the description of a Release representing a digital equivalent of a 10-track pop album with previews.

In order to aid companies that only wish to communicate a small subset of the types of products that the “full” DDEX standards allow, DDEX has developed a series of “profiles”. This standard defines a set of profiles that define how to use Version 4 of the Electronic Release Notification Message Suite Standard to express the most common types of Releases.

Any organisation wishing to implement this (or any other DDEX Standard) is required to apply for an Implementation Licence. The terms of the licence and an application form can be found at https://ddex.net/implementation/implementation-licence-and-ddex-party-identifiers.

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