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A Release for a Ringtone shall meet the following rules in addition to the rules stipulated in Clauses 5.2 and 5.3 :

(1) Primary Resources shall be identified with a ProprietaryId or an ISRC.

Conformance Weighting: 1
(See the ERN Conformance Standard for details.)

(2) There shall only be one ResourceGroup in the main Release.

Conformance Weighting: 1

(3) The  ResourceGroupContentItem  shall only contain:

  1. One ReleaseResourceReference pointing to the Primary Resource; and 

  2. One LinkedReleaseResourceReference pointing to an Image of type FrontCoverImage (if a Secondary Resource is provided).

Conformance Weighting for items (3)1-2: 1

(4) A RelatedRelease of type IsReleaseFromRe lease shall be provided if such a Release exists and the Message Sender has reasonable access to it.

Conformance Weighting: 2

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