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A Long-form Musical Work Video, Film or TV Release shall meet the following rules in addition to the rules stipulated in Clauses 5.2 and 5.3 :

(1) Primary Resources shall be identified with an  ISRC (if eligible) or by a ProprietaryId.>

Conformance Weighting: 1
(See the ERN Conformance Standard for details.)

(2) Each Primary Resources may be chaptered by including a VideoChapterReference:

  1. Each Chapter item shall have a ChapterId  

  2. Each Chapter shall have a StartTime indicating the Chapter start time on the Video; and

  3. Each Chapter item may have a RepresentativeImageReference which references the ScreenCaptureImage resource representing that Chapter;

Conformance Weighting for items (2)1-2: 1

No Conformance Weighting for item (2)3

(3) Each primary Resource of type LongFormMusicalWorkVideo or ConcertVideo shall contain a VideoCueSheetReference or a ReasonForCueSheetAbsence.

Conformance Weighting: 2

(4)  Cues, when provided, shall meet these requirements:

  1. Each Cue shall have a StartTime or Duration;

  2. Each Cue shall contain an identifier of type ISRC or ISWC;

  3. Each Cue shall contain at least one Contributor; and

  4. Each Cue that is identified by an  ISRC  shall contain a PLine  .

Conformance Weighting for items (4)2: 1

Conformance Weighting for items (4)1, 3, 4 : 2

(5) All other primary Resources may have a Cue.

No Conformance Weighting

(6) If the ReleaseType is FeatureFilm the Release shall contain an Image of type Poster.

Conformance Weighting: 2

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