DDEX Standard

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TrackRelease shall meet the following rules:

  1. The ReleaseId for the TrackRelease should be unique for each combination of (i) content of the TrackRelease and (ii) the main Release that the TrackRelease is communicated with. <No Conformance Weighting>  

  2. The Track Release composite shall contain (with a Conformance Weighting of 1)

    1. 1 Primary Resource of the type prevalent in the Main Release that the Track Release is communicated with; and
    2. No secondary resources.
  3. The Track Release shall meet all rules defined in Clause 5.3 with their relevant conformance weightings to the extent that this is possible with the XML Schema Definition of the Track Release composite.
  4. Notwithstanding the above, title information shall only be provided if it differs from the title information provided on the Resource referenced from the ReleaseResourceReference.


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