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DDEX has, over the last few years, developed standard message formats for the exchange of business-critical information along the digital media delivery chain. In addition to standardising the format of the messages, DDEX has standardised protocols for the exchange of messages and has defined the expected behaviour of companies exchanging such messages using such protocols.

This set of standards (message format, message exchange protocol and choreography) significantly simplifies the exchange of metadata — as long as both partners are using the DDEX standards in exactly same way. It is this conformance standard that enables companies to verify that their business partners are using the DDEX standards in “the correct way”, thus making the process of implementing a new message and metadata feed significantly easier and cheaper.

Conformance standards are being developed by the member organisations of the Digital Data Exchange, LLC (DDEX) to provide means to verify if an organisation’s message exchange technologies are “conforming” to the standards and rules laid down, in various standards and documents, by DDEX.

This standard provides conformance criteria for senders of Release deliveries. At a later stage, DDEX may consider adding conformance criteria for receivers of Release deliveries as well as for other profiles and business cases (e.g. sales reporting or works licensing).

Any organisation wishing to implement this (or any other DDEX standard) is required to apply for an implementation licence. The terms of the licence and an application form can be found at

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