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The changes between versions 3 and 4 are:

  • Version 4 has additional values in the AdditionalTitleType AVS:
    • MusicalWorkTitle (to allow the communication of a work title in addition to the title of the recording in, primarily, ERN);
    • TranslatedTitle and TransliteratedTitle (to better support multi-language/script messaging in ERN);
  • TitleType now also has TranslatedTitle and TransliteratedTitle to better support multi-language/script messaging in BWARM and MEAD,);
  • ImageType has two new values, ProfilePicture and SocialBannerImage to better support ERNs to social media sites;
  • A number of definitions of territory codes have been updated (e.g. Turkey→Türkiye and Cote D’Ivoire→Côte d’Ivoire); and
  • Deprecation of Croatian’s now defunct currency, the Kuna. HRK remains in the DeprecatedCurrencyCode AVS).
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