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The DDEX RDR Message Suite uses a file format with: a file header and a resource list that contains details for each resource.  Each resource can be a sound recording or a music video recording.  All the data is provided as XML, using a schema and tags that are part of the DDEX standard and data dictionary. 

Overview of XML structure of the DeclarationOfSoundRecordingRightsClaim message:



XML Declaration

See here

<MessageHeader> …</MessageHeader>

See here

<MessageNotificationPeriod>… </MessageNotificationPeriod>

See here

<ResourceList xmlns="">


          (described below)


          (described further below)




      Additional SoundRecording composites



See here (ResourceList)

See here for details of the SoundRecording composite and Section 8 for SoundRecordingDetailsByTerritory

Note: Multiple SoundRecording composites can be included

"RDR" is the new name for the "MLC" Standards.

For details please read here...

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