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DDEX has developed a standard that provides a mechanism for companies that have established the identity of the Musical Work or Works embodied in a Sound Recording or Video recording and enable them to inform their business partners of this fact. The message can also be used to communicate the fact that the Musical Work (or Works) identified in the message is not embodied in the Sound Recording or Video recording identified in the message.

The standard also allows companies to forward such information when they have received such information from third parties and for companies to ask other companies for such links.

Note: for such a link to be communicated it is neither mandatory for the Sound Recording(s) to be identified by an ISRC nor for the Musical Work(s) to be identified by an ISWC.

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If you have a question or suggestion or if you are experiencing problems with your implementation, please feel free to contact the DDEX Secretariat; we may be able to help.

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