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DDEX (Digital Data Exchange, typically pronounced "Dee-Dex") is a consortium of leading media companies, music licensing organisations, digital music service providers and technical intermediaries focused on creating standards for use by businesses in the digital media supply chain, including music, video, games, books, etc. Adoption of DDEXʼs standards improves efficiency, reduces cost and generates higher revenues for all businesses operating in this market.

The DDEX standards specify XML message formats for the global exchange of information (metadata) about content, the rights associated with it and its subsequent use or sale. These standards replace the need for businesses to support multiple proprietary formats and remove the inefficiencies and costs associated with that. DDEX has also developed standards for the automated exchange of the XML messages and the content to which they refer, providing greater visibility to transactions within the supply chain. DDEXʼs standards are available at no cost for implementation and businesses do not need to be a member of DDEX to do so.

Membership in DDEX gives businesses a voice in the shaping the digital future. Members gather requirements, prioritise technical work and develop the standards. This provides members with a deep insight into the standards, thus significantly reducing costs associated with implementation.

Using DDEX means being part of a robust, healthy and more profitable digital media ecosystem.

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