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What is the aim of Radio Broadcast Profile?

The aim of the Radio Broadcast is to enable Licensees to report to Rights Controllers information regarding the level of usage and/or revenue generated from the distribution of Music in the context of Global Radios.

What business models does it encompass?

This music-centric format is specialised on broadcasting commercial model. One particularity of broadcasting is the broadcast of the same track for all users and for all territories at the same time

How is a report structured?

Usage and/or revenues are reported using the following way:

  • A header that contains general information such as information about the sender and receiver. The header is common to all flat-file DSR formats.
  • A set of blocks which make up the body of the report and which enable licensees to report royalties for the used Resources;
  • A footer that contains information about the sales/usage report such as the number of records that are included. The header is common to all flat-file DSR formats.
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