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What is the aim of Royalty Reporting Profile?

The aim of the Royalty Reporting Profile is to provide a standardised mechanism for licensees to report to rights controllers royalties based on usages of musical Releases that took place in countries where there is a direct contractual relationship between Message Sender and Message Recipient.

The Royalty Reporting Profile is not intended to be used for “notices of intent” or “statutory rate” type of usages which (specifically in the case of streaming royalties) require a different data set to work out the royalty.

What business models does it encompass?

The format allows communicating 

How is a report built?

Each message consists of:

  • A header that contains general information such as information about the sender and receiver. The header is common to all flat-file DSR formats.
  • A set of summaries which also provide the parameters (i.e. territories, right types, usage types, etc…) for which the royalties are being reported;
  • A set of blocks which make up the body of the report and which enable licensees to report royalties in the context of
    • Release usages;
    • Resource usages;
    • User-generated content based usages; and
    • Any combination thereof; and
  • A footer that contains information about the sales/usage report such as the number of records that are included. The header is common to all flat-file DSR formats.

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