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An ERN feed containing a NewReleaseMessage but no Resource file is valid. 

In most situations, a DSP should receive binaries with the initial NewReleaseMessage but, especially when communicating pre-order Releases, this may not always be the case.

DSPs must, however, be in receipt of all binaries on “street date” of a Release. In order to signal that a DSP is missing binaries it may wish to use the ErnAcknowledgementStatusMessage defined in the FTP choreography for Release deliveries to signal to the label that it is missing binaries:

     <ReleaseStatus Namespace=”…”UserDefinedValue=”ResouceBinariesMissing”>UserDefined<ReleaseStatus>


Users of the web service choreography can use the POST ReleaseStatus method to post an ErnAcknowledgementStatusMessage as per above.

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