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DDEX supports the communication of different identifiers for different purposes. Below please find a table of permissible identifiers for some of the entities:

Sound RecordingsVideosReleasesParties
 ISANISRC (see below)ISNI
Catalogue Number(*)Catalogue Number(*)Catalogue Number(*) 
ProprietaryId(*)ProprietaryId(*) ProprietaryId(*)ProprietaryId(*)

Entries marked with an asterisk are proprietary identifiers and therefore need to be accompanied by a namespace attribute,

Do not use an ISRC as a Release Identifier

In the past, ISRCs have been used to identify Releases that contain only one primary Resource (e.g. single track releases such as RIngtones):


In that case the code BRBMG0300729 is a "displaced identifier" (the identifier of the sole primary resource used as a proxy identifier for the Release). This use is being deprocated and the ISRC element may be removed from the ReleaseId composite in the future


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