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Page: Track Releases Page: ReferenceTitle of a SoundRecording Page: Titles and SubTitles in ERN-3 Page: Titles and SubTitles in ERN-4 Page: Why is there artist information in multiple places Page: Territorial variations in Release desciptions Page: Metadata in different languages Page: Genres Page: Are ResourceGroups mandatory? Page: Resource Groups and Track Releases Page: Release Types for TrackReleases Page: Original Release Date, Release Date and other Dates Page: Resource Types Page: Primary and Secondary Resources Page: Can a Release contain the Same Sound Recording Multiple Times? Page: Hidden Sound Recordings Page: Images for Box Sets Page: Sequencing Resources Page: Communication of Lyrics Page: PLine and CLine Page: Communicating Stems Page: Creation Dates Page: Instrumental Music Page: Linking different Releases and Resources Page: Same Recording with Different Metadata Page: Priorities for Metadata Items Page: Keywords Page: Differentiating versions using SubTitle in ERN and RDR-N Page: Theme in MEAD Page: Mood in MEAD Page: Sub Titles in Multiple Languages Page: Translating and Transliterating Titles Page: Classical Music – Genre vs Structure Page: Communicating Classical Releases and Resources Page: Classical music in ERN-3 and ERN-4 (Examples) Page: Mixing classical with popular music Page: Communicating audio and video clips such as previews and clips used for “shorts” (ERN 4.3 and later) Page: Handling “immersive audio” Page: “Various Artists” in ERN Page: Handling “odd” characters Page: Identification of Chapters Page: Clip samples