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The Resource List provides details of the different assets that make up the entire release. Typical resources are sound recordings, videos and images. Each resource will have a unique reference anchor within the message (e.g. A1, A2, A3) which corresponds to the track number (e.g. track 1, 2, 3). The resource references will be referenced later in the Release section. The metadata defined in the Resource includes ISRC, artist, title and contributors.

Also contained in the Resource section is the Technical Resource Details, which references the specific binary files with details including the codec type and bit rate being delivered to the partner. The Technical Resource Details will provide information about both the full length and preview clip binary files.

Artwork will be a resource listed after the track resources. Cover artwork will be identified as an image resource with a resource reference after the last track resource. For example, on a 10-track album resource reference A11 would be the image resource relating to the cover artwork.

The exact fields to to be used in a specific business case (e.g. describing a resources for a Ringtone release or describing resources for a Classical Album) is defined in the relevant Release Profile standard. More details on profiling can be found here.

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