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The RDR standard allows for the communication of a role that a contributor to a sound recordings and/or music video played. 

This role code can be communicated in the Role element of the, for example, ResourceContributor composite. DDEX has, over the last few years, collated a large list of role codes for different types of contributors: performers, writers and studio personnel. 

However, the XML Schema Definitions for MLC 1.3 and 1.3.1 has a bug in that the Role element is does not all the role codes collated by DDEX. 

Implementers are requested to use role codes from the list used in MLC 1.4 and communicate them as UserDefinedValues with a namespace of “MLC14”. It is available from the Data Dictionary for MLC 1.4.

The role of a mixing engineer can thus be communicated with 

     <Role UserDefinedValue=”MixingEngineer” Namespace=”MLC14”>
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