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If a label messages a take down for one particular territory of say a three territory account, and the product is available in all three territories prior to this take down, the label will need to signal Deal information for all three territories – with one territory getting "no deal". It is not sufficient to simply omit the taken down territory in subsequent messages.

This ensures that the recipient is never left in any doubt whether there is a deal for a particular territory or not.

There is one exception to this rule, alas: a global takedown for the particular Release and a subsequent new Deal for two territories is sufficient>


not granted 
Where content
is available
1DE, FR, GB DE, FR, GBInitial message
2DE, FR  Invalid message, no information about the UK
3DE, FRGBDE, FRCorrect message to take down the UK
4DEGB, FRDEContent only available in Germany
5 Worldwide Global takedown message
6GB, FR GB, FRRe-starting delivery, there is no need to communicate rights for Germany any more
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