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In the ERN-3 standard, titles appear in many places. Some of these are specified to carry an additional SubTitle element, and others are not. The approach in ERN-4 is somewhat different.

The FormalTitle and ReferenceTitle should break out subtitles into the designated sub-element SubTitle. The DisplayTitle, on the other hand, should concatenate the title and subtitle into one string. 
LocationXPath descriptionSubTitle?
DisplayTitles for Resources//ResourceList/SoundRecording/SoundRecordingDetailsByTerritory
ReferenceTitle of a Release//ReleaseList/Release/ReferenceTitleYes
FormalTitle for Releases//ReleaseList/Release/ReleaseDetailsByTerritory/Title[@TitleType="FormalTitle"]Yes
DisplayTitles for Releases//ReleaseList/Release/ReleaseDetailsByTerritory/Title[@TitleType="DisplayTitle"]No


Version titles

If a label's supply chain system has subtitle or version information such as "remix" or "instrumental version" in a separate field, they should be communicated as a subtitle along the lines explained above. 

In that case, the FormalTitle and ReferenceTitle composites should contain a TitleText and a SubTitle element. The DisplayTitle, on the other hand, should concatenate the title and subtitle into one field without the SubTitle element.

In the case where a recording (or other creation) has multiple subtitles or version titles, these should be stored – and communicated – in separate SubTitle elements.

If a label's supply chain system has subtitle and version information in a single field, than this concept does not apply, and the title and subtitle would appear together in one field everywhere. Companies that do not separate title and subtitle are however recommended to consider splitting the data into different fields in their systems.




In the Release the ReferenceTitle should carry any SubTitle:
  <TitleText>Rocking the Decks</TitleText>
  <SubTitle>Crunked Out Mix</SubTitle>
In Release/ReleaseDetailsByTerritory, the FormalTitle also carries the SubTitle, but the DisplayTitle does not:
  <DisplayArtistName>Bad News Bearzzz</DisplayArtistName>
  <LabelName>Pimpin Metadata Records</LabelName>
  <Title TitleType="FormalTitle">    
    <TitleText>Rocking the Decks</TitleText>
    <SubTitle>Crunked Out Mix</SubTitle> 
  <Title TitleType="DisplayTitle">
    <TitleText>Rocking the Decks (Crunked Out Mix)</TitleText>
Likewise, in ResourceList/SoundRecording, the DisplayTitle does not carry a SubTitle, it is instead concatenated:
<Title TitleType="DisplayTitle">
  <TitleText>Rocking the Decks (Crunked Out Mix)</TitleText>


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