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The figure below depicts the choreography defined by this standard.


The tables below summarises the points in the Musical Work and Right Share Notification Choreography that a message is sent.


Message Name

Initiating Event


MusicalWorkClaim RequestMessage

If a Record Company, DSP or other Company wishes to receive information about a Musical Work and/or its ownership (e.g. for the purposes of obtaining a licence or to make available or monetise a Release containing a Musical Work) but has no, or insufficient, claims or Right Share information.


MusicalWorkClaim NotificationMessage


If a Works Licensor wishes to inform a DSP about its claims or Right Share information with respect to Works embodied in a Release [1] in response to a MusicalWorkClaimRequestMessage

If a Works Licensor wishes to provide Right Share information, or inform a business partner about its claims based on a trigger other than the receipt of a MusicalWorkClaimRequestMessage.

Such triggers may include the case where the Licensor has previously provided a Right Claim for a Musical Work and subsequently loses the rights to that Right Share or Musical Work, or the resolution of a Right Share ownership conflict (possibly triggered by a message from DDEX’s Work Right Share Conflict Notification Choreography Standard).

3ManifestMessageA party has finished collating MusicalWorkClaimRequestMessages and/or MusicalWorkClaimNotificationMessages  in accordance with this standard into a Batch and wishes its business partner to commence ingesting it.
4FtpAcknowledgementMessageA party receives a Batch of messages in accordance with this standard. The party then acknowledges receipt of each message (not agreement with its content).


[1] The message can also be used to communicate ownership information regarding a Musical Work not owned or controlled by the sender of the message. In that case, the recipient may use the information not as authoritative but solely as “helpful information”.

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