Identifying Chapters

Chapters are used to split a long-form video into sections. A typical example for this is the separating out of the individual songs that are performed in a concert video. In order to enable DSPs to report usage on a chapter level, the DSP requires data about the content of each individual chapter. 

This may include title information as well as a unique identifier for each chapter. The typical identifiers used for this purpose include ISRCs or ISWCs. 

In order to communicate, for example, an ISRC in the ChapterId tag, the sender of a DDEX message should include the (value of the) ISRC in the tag and set the Namespace attribute to "ISRC": 

<ChapterId Namespace=“ISRC”>DERMP1234567</ChapterId>


It is important, however, to only use an ISRC in cases where the chapter is the same recording as the one released under that ISRC. It is not permitted to use an ISRC of a similar recording, e.g. when a long-form video contains a live version of a song whereas the ISRC identifies the studio version of the same song. 

The same approach applies for the communication of ISWCs.