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The message defined in this Part provides a mechanism for Licensees who have received Claim Detail Messages (or an equivalent message) to respond with a Line Item Claim Detail Record Discrepancy Notification Message should they determine that the Claim Detail Messages contain "discrepancies", i.e. issues that the recipient of the Claim Detail Messages has determined may impact the calculation of the royalties. While the resolution of such discrepancies is out of scope, Licensees are expected to use the Line Item Claim Detail Record Discrepancy Notification Message to signal such discrepancies to Rights Controllers Licensors and subsequently work with those organisations to resolve them.


  • Structural errors in the message such as missing mandatory Record Types or Cells;
  • Use of allowed values not supported by the CDM Claim Detail Message Suite Standard;
  • Missing Record Types or Cells that are technically optional or conditional but that are agreed to be present by the Rights Controller Licensor and Licensee in their bilateral agreement(s);
  • Data in Cells that lead to discrepancies in royalty calculations between the information provided in the Claim Detail Message received by the Licensee and its own calculations; and/or
  • Any other discrepancies of this nature that are agreed between Rights Controller Licensor and Licensee.

Line Item Claim Detail Record Discrepancy Notifications Messages may also be sent by triggers independent of the receipt of a Claim Detail Message (or equivalent message).