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The following Atom feed entry elements map to the following elements in the relevant NewReleaseMesssage or PurgeReleaseMessage (depending on which one is to be made available):

Atom Feed entry ElementNewReleaseMessage ElementPurgeReleaseMessage Element


Either //ReleaseList/Release/DisplayTitleText

or //ReleaseList/Release/DisplayTitle/TitleText

. Which element is chosen depends on whether the Release Creator wishes to communicate subtitle information in the Atom feed.


//entry/DisplayArtistName//ReleaseList/Release/DisplayArtistName/Name//PurgedRelease/Contributor/PartyName for a party that the sender of the ATOM feed considers helpful for the recipient for taking down the relevant Release.

Entries should be entered into the feed sequentially, that is the oldest entry should be at the top and the latest addition should be at the bottom. A Release Creator may, however, add and remove entries at its own discretion.