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DDEX has developed Recording Information Notification (RIN), a standard that allows studio equipment manufacturers, including Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) manufacturers, to enable their users to capture and store essential metadata and then communicate it into the commercial supply chain alongside the audio files. As RIN is one of the DDEX family of standards, the metadata will be interoperable with all the other DDEX standards used to communicate data along the supply chain. This opportunity for studio personnel to capture meaningful metadata will ultimately enable retailers to have better metadata about the products they are selling and will facilitate the process by which all rights holders and other contributors are properly remunerated.
A description of the Recording Information Notification is provided for web reading and for printing. Technical information, including the RIN XML Schema Definition, a number of sample RIN files, and a human readable representation of these, can be downloaded as zip archive (via the dark blue box on the right here).

Introduction to RIN

DDEX, Digital Data Exchange has, in the past decade, developed standards for the communication of metadata along the music supply chain. These include: product feeds from record companies to online retailers; sales and usage reports from retailers to owners of rights in sound recordings and/or musical works; messages to support the licensing of musical works; and the communication with and amongst music licensing companies, including those who represent performers.
It is estimated that around  two to three thousand companies, from large multinationals to small or niche companies, that are part of the digital music supply chain and wish to find an efficient way to communicate the necessary metadata, are using DDEX standards.