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In order to aid companies that only wish to communicate a small subset of the types of products that the “full” DDEX standards allow, DDEX has developed a series of “profiles”. These profiles come in two flavours. Firstly “Release Profiles” that define subsets of Releases to be communicated along the music delivery chain and, secondly, “Business Profiles” that define subsets of the commercial information governing the distribution of such Releases. The Release Profiles primarily concern the ResourceList and ReleaseList sections of the ERN. The Business Profiles primarily concern the DealList section of the ERN.

Over time, different versions of the Profiles and of the underlying XML standard were published and each profile standard has been written with a specific baseline XML standard (“ERN”) in mind. The table below provides this mapping (note that the table does not differentiate between version 3.4.1 and 3.4):