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This part of the DDEX Knowledge Base describes the DDEX RDR Message Suite Standards.

titleThe MLC Standard is now called RDR

This suite of standards was previously known as the Music Licensing Company Message Suite and Choreography Standard or MLC Standard. With the creation of the Mechanical Licensing Collective in the US as a result of the Music Modernization Act which was signed into law in 2018, DDEX has now changed the name of the standard to avoid confusion between the two. However,  the name is only being applied by DDEX from April 2020 onwards . This means that existing documentation about the standard will continue to refer to the Music Licensing Company Message Suite and Choreography Standard. It is recognised that this causes some inconsistencies in some of the text but for the purposes of implementation, the Music Licensing Company Message Suite and Choreography Standard and the Recording Data and Rights Message Suite Standards should be considered to be the same.


The suite of standards defines messages and a choreography that provide a uniform mechanism for the exchange of data for use in the collective management of neighbouring rights (these rights are sometimes also called “related rights”). The main aim of this knowledge base article is to aid developers in properly implementing the RDR Message Suite Standards. The document may also be of interest to anyone seeking to understand data exchange processes in the field of collective management of neighbouring rights.

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Recording Data and Rights Revenue Reporting Standard (RDR-R, Version 1.0)

Recording Data and Rights Choreography Standard (RDR-C, Version 1.0)

Music Licensing Company Message Suite and Choreography Standard (Version 1.4)

Automated Message Exchange Protocol

Older versions of the MLC standard can be accessed  here .

RDR-R and RDR-C are "Candidate Standards", which is a formal standard approved by DDEX for which DDEX has not had any information about live implementations. Once DDEX has received such input, it is expected that RDR-R and RDR-C will be promoted to "DDEX Standard".

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