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Version 4 of the Electronic Release Notification Message Suite Standard offers a significantly simpler way to communicate Release Notifications compared with ERN-3.

Version 4.1 has been developed in response of testing with version 4. It further streamlines the communication of Releases from Release Creators to Release Distributors. The major changes include:

  • Simplified process to the reduction of rights and takedowns (Note: this approach has also been adapted for ERN-3);
  • Support for accompanying a NewReleaseMessage with an additional XML file containing information in addition to in addition to what has, traditionally, been sent from a Release Creator's supply chain to support, for instance, voice activated music services;
  • Ability to for a Release Creator so signal to a Release Distributor how it wishes artist information should be displayed as part of a title;
  • Ability to communicate display credits;
  • Ability to provide track sequences using letters; and
  • A series of smaller changes to closer align the NewReleaseMessage with NewReleaseMessage with messages defined in other DDEX Standards, particularly RIN and MLC.