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The message defined in this Part provides a mechanism for Licensees who have received such Claim Detail Messages (or an equivalent message) to respond with an Over-claim Discrepancy Notification Message should Notification should they determine that the Claim Detail Messages contain "over-claim discrepancies", i.e. issues that the recipient of the Claim Detail Messages has determined indicate that two or more Licensors have made claims in respect of a single Musical Work that exceed 100% of the total allowed Claim. While the resolution of such discrepancies is out of scope, Licensees are expected to use the Over-claim Discrepancy Notification Message to signal such discrepancies to Rights Controllers Licensors Notification to signal such discrepancies to Licensors and subsequently work with those organisations to resolve them.

A Licensee that has received a Claim Detail Message (or equivalent message), including a message containing corrections, can respond to it with an Over-claim Discrepancy Notification Message, if it detects over-claims between Claim Detail Messages from multiple Licensors.

The OverThe Over-claim Discrepancy Notification Message may Notification may also be sent by triggers independent of the receipt of a Claim Detail Message (or equivalent message).