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DDEX is a standards setting organisation - and its main output are specifications in the form of text documents, XML Schema Definition files and XML sample files.

DDEX thrives on implementations being created by companies and individuals and some of these implementations have been published as "open source".

The table on the right contains some of the software modules that DDEX has found on GITHub.

DDEX has not tested any of these open source software packages and modules. As a consequence, DDEX cannot guarantee that they work as advertised. DDEX does not accept any liability for using these software modules.

If you are aware of any open source tools not listed here, please let us know, and we will update the list.

NameStandardDescription (as provided on the modules' website)LanguageCreator

The DSRF Flat File Parser and Conformance Tool is a open source Library that allows you to parse and test DDEX DSR Flat files in conformance with DDEX DSR Flat File Standard v3.0.

ddex rubyERNDDEX metadata serialization for Ruby. Documentation is available from Shaw
DDEX DeserialiserERNDDEX XML batch deserialiser generated by 7digital/XsdToObjectc#7digital
DDEX ValidatorERN
Validation service for DDEX XML documents
NuGet /
Microsoft Visual Studio
Paul Eddleston
ddex-ern-libERNA DDEX ERN 3.7 XML Messaging Class Library based on Linq to XSD and T4 Templates c#Thornlaw Consultants
DDEXUIERNA user interface for creating simplified ddex metadata     PythonWill Munn
SoundCloud DDEXERNCreating DDEX feeds for SoundCloud using a .csv file Java ScriptAdrian Green

This project allows you to read DDEX files into friendly Python data types. XML files are decoded using the PyXB library.

PythonTrax Air

DDEXUI provides a user interface for supplying digital music in a ddex compliant way. It aims to abstract the complexities of ddex for ease of use by smaller independent labels and artists.

PythonWill Munn

DDEX PHP Parser Can be use for Parsing DDEX XML FILE

PHPNikhil Patil

A library to get DDEX party details.

RubyDdexParserSpikeERNReading deal information from DDEX using XPath and RubyRubyMatthew Butt
DDEX to JSONERNA lambda for converting files from ddex to jsonLambdaAidan Twomey
DDEX Validator (Client)ERNValidator for ERNJava ScriptRob deWilder
Client Validator (API)
DDEX Validator (WBE Client)

DDEX XML Validator

ERNAPI to validate XML documents against schema (XSD) and advanced XML validation (Schematron).XSLTelibeta22
DDEX XML/XSD to Protocol BufferMEAD

MEAD and ERN messages are transmitted in XML format. This tool allows users to convert the XSD schemas and XML messages to Protocol Buffer format

Transport DDEXERN ChoreograpnyThis tool assists in the transfer of DDEX files over SFTP.Pythonlostlevels

DDEX PHP Parser Can be use for Parsing DDEX XML FILE

PHPArjun Nikhil
DDEX Python ParserERNDDEX Python Parser Can be use for Parsing DDEX XML FILE.Output is in JSON Format.PythonArjun Nikhil
DeDEXERNDDEX XML file parser. This covers only the ERN (Electronic Release Notification) standard, for versions 3.8.2 and 4.1.PHPmiqwit