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Communicating Binaries
Communicating Binaries

Lyrics are Text resources and in all but very rare instances they are secondary resources (for a definition on what that is, please refer to the blue box on the right hand side).

To communicate lyrics for a ten-track album, the message sender would need to communicate 21 resources which will need to be communicated in sequence:

  • First, the ten sound recordings;
  • Then, the cover art image; and
  • Finally, the ten text resources (with a TextType of LyricText).

Thus, sound recordings and associated text resources will be separated. The linking is  done via the ResourceGroup composite as shown in the XML sample below. In any case, the release will need to link all 21 resources in the ReleaseResourceReferenceList (the order does not matter).

This example below shows the ResourceGroup that links two sound recordings, referenced as A1 and A2, to one text resource containing the relevant lyrics each. The two lyrics resources are referenced as A3 and A4.

Please note that the LinkDescription is not an allowed value set and the value (Lyrics) will need to be bilaterally agreed between message sender and message recipient.

Code Block

    <ReleaseResourceReference ReleaseResourceType="PrimaryResource">A1</ReleaseResourceReference>
    <LinkedReleaseResourceReference LinkDescription="Lyrics">A3</LinkedReleaseResourceReference>

    <ReleaseResourceReference ReleaseResourceType="PrimaryResource">A2</ReleaseResourceReference>
    <LinkedReleaseResourceReference LinkDescription="Lyrics">A4</LinkedReleaseResourceReference>