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Works Notification & Licensing

DDEX's musical works standards provide a suite of messages that give a uniform mechanism to enable companies to exchange information on claims of ownership of musical works embedded in Releases, and to request and to be granted licenses for using such musical works. The works notification and licensing standards are typically used by DSPs and/or record companies to request information on right share ownership claims and to license musical works from music rights societies and/or music publishers, and for such societies and publishers to provide information, licenses and/or license rejections. These processes are supported by two core standards, one focusing on works licensing and one on work ownership notifications.

Another important element in the management of rights in Musical Works in the US, particularly in the context of mechanical licensing for physical and digital products is the concept of “Letters of Direction” (LoD). These documents are usually sent by new owners or administrators of Musical Works (Acquiring Publisher) to record companies and other users, notifying them of the new ownership or administration of a Catalogue of one or more Musical Works. The LoD Standard allows for the efficient communication of metadata supporting such Letters of DirecitonsDirections

These standards are highly inter-compatible and share a common ontology/data dictionary. Additional processes are currently being developed, and once this work has concluded, the DDEX Knowledge Base will be updated. 

DDEX has also defined how to physically exchange such license requests and grants, alongside supporting documentation, for the licensing of physical products in Canada.

Exchanging Claims in Share(s) of Musical Works

DDEX has published standards and choreographies that cover a number of processes relating to making claims on, and the licensing of, musical-works. This is the MWN12.

The six "core" processes presently covered by the DDEX standards and choreographies are:

  1. A licensor wanting to notify a licensee of its claim(s) to musical-work(s)
  2. A licensee requesting information on a licensor's claim(s) to musical-work(s)
  3. A licensee wanting to augment the information it holds on musical-work(s)
  4. A licensee requesting license(s) for usage(s) of musical-work(s)
  5. Maintaining the licensor/payee information in a "Letters of Direction" process
  6. Notification and resolution of “duplicate-claims” on musical-work(s)

Additional information on how to use the DDEX standards to exchange right share information and claims is provided here.  

Exchanging Licenses and/or Licensing Information for Musical Works

DDEX has published a standard for the process of licensing or Musical Works with particular focus on the situation in the US. This is the US Musical Work Licensing Choreography Standard (Version 1.0.1).


Download standard


US Musical Work Licensing Choreography Standard (Version 1.0.1)

US Letters of Direction Choreography Standard (Version 1.0)

Older versions of the DDEX standard for Musical Works Notification and Licensing can be accessed here.

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