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DDEX Flat-file Sales Usage Reporting Standard 

The Single Block Variant for Parts 3 is available in a separate standard.

 To access older versions, please contact the DDEX Secretariat.

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Samples can be found on the DSR overview page 

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What is the aim of UGC Profile?

The aim of the UGC Profile is to enable licensees to report to rights controllers information regarding the level of usage and/or revenue generated from the usage of music where content may have been uploaded to a licensee's platform by any user which is not necessarily the owner or right controller of the content.


  • Release level (typically: the Videos);
  • Resource level (typically: the Sound Recording embodying the Musical Work used in the Release); and
  • Licensor-level (known ownership during the reporting period).

What business models does it encompass?

This format encompass two major commercial offers.


The summaries provided with this profile cater for both needs.

How is a report structured?

The profile is provided in two variants. The default variant is the Multi-Record Block Variant (MRBV) where usage and/or revenues are reported using the following way:


The SRBV is defined in a separate standard.

Additional Detail and Accuracy

In addition, the UGC Profile structure allows for new level of details and accuracy: