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Rules for ERN-3

DDEX messages are explicit in all communicartins. For instance a DSP may only offer a release to its users, if an explicit Deal is provided.


  • The first …ByTerritory composite (in a specific Release, Resource or Work composite) communicates the default values that apply to all territories; and
  •  All subsequent …ByTerritory composites (in the same Release, Resource or Work composite) only provide those elements that are technically mandatory or differ from the default.

Identical territorial data sets

If two sets of ReleaseDetailsByTerritory are the same for the a given Release, they should be communicated in a single ReleaseDetailsByTerritory composite with two or more) TerritioryCode elements.

The same applies to ResourceDetailsByTerritory.

Rules for ERN-4

The rules for ERN-4 are significantly simpler as there is are no …ByTerritory composites any more. Instead each element that can to be "territorialised" now carries an attribute that allows signalling the language, script and/or territory it applies to. For example:

Code Block
<DisplayTitleText LanguageAndScriptCode="en">Small World Big Band</DisplayTitleText>
<DisplayTitleText LanguageAndScriptCode="de">Kleine Welt -- Große Band</DisplayTitleText>