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Version 1.2 of the Basic Audio Profile adds support for a Single Record Block Variant which has been developed as a simplified but less efficient variant of the Basic Audio Profile by trading ease of implementation (each sales/usage line is self-contained) for a larger file size (as some data will have to be repeated)basic audio Profile makes use of updated SY04, SY05, AS01, AS02, MW01, SU01 and SU02 records that support additional business requirements.

Version 1.1 of the Basic Audio Profile provides a series of minor updates to some record types.

Version 3 of the Flat File Variant of the Digital Sales Reporting Message Suite Standard utilities a fundamentally different architecture than Version 2. This new architecture allows more Profiles to be supported than was possible in Version 2. Part 3 of this standard supports communicating sales and usages for basic audio services.