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This standard  defines the architecture for all flat file sale/usage reports, It also defines common Record Types used in all sales/usage reports formatted in accordance with this standard but does not define Record Types for specific Profiles.

These Record Types are defined in Profile-specifc standards which are, in turn, built upon this standard. At the time of writing this standardPart, six  these Profiles have been defined by DDEX:

  1. Basic Audio Profile
  2. UGC Profile
  3. AV Profile
  4. Royalty Reporting Profile
  5. Broadcast Reporting Profile
  • Financial Reporting to Record Companies
  • DDEX expects to add further Profile standards over time. They will be published on the DDEX Knowledge Base where a complete list of Profiles defined for Version 3 of the Flat File Variant can be found.

    titleList of all Profiles for this Standard
    The latest list of all Profiles for this standard can be found here.