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  1. The Message Sender shall upload the file or files containing the Sales/Usage Report to a mutually-agreed folder on a mutually-agreed SFTP server;
  2. Once the Sales/Usage Report has been uploaded completely, the Message Sender shall place a zero-byte semaphore into a sub-folder of the folder containing the sales/usage report file.
    The sub-folder shall be called file_available/ and the semaphore file shall have the same file name as the Salesthe Sales/Usage Report file, albeit with a underscore prefix , the xofy part of the filename omitted and and a file extension of ctrl instead of tsv; and
  3. Should a Sales/Usage Report comprise of more than one file in accordance with Clause 6.3 , the Message Sender shall repeat Steps 1 and 2 for each constituent file.
  4. The Message Recipient shall download all Salesa Sales/Usage Report file s once it has seen the relevant semaphore file;
  5. Once the Message Recipient has successfully downloaded the file (s) it shall delete the relevant semaphore file from the SFTP server;
  6. The Message Recipient may also delete the sales/usage report file from the SFTP server at this stage; and
  7. Should a Sales/Usage Report be comprised of more than one file in accordance with Clause 6.3 , the Message Recipient shall repeat Steps 1, 2 and potentially 3 for each constituent file.
  8. Should Message Sender and Message Recipient agree to communicate acknowledgements for Sales/Usage Reports, these should be placed, by the Message Recipient into a sub-folder of the folder containing the Sales/Usage Report file(s) called acknowledgements/. The name of the acknowledgement file shall be the name of the acknowledged Sales/Usage Report, albeit with three changes:
    • The name of the acknowledgement shall be preceded by ACK_ instead of DSR_;
    • The xofy part of the filename shall be omitted (in case the acknowledged Sales/Usage Report was provided in more than one file); and
    • The time stamp shall be replaced with a time stamp of the acknowledgement, expressed in the same syntax as the time stamp used in the file name of the Sales Report Message file.

Please note that for cases where a Sales/Usage Report is split into multiple files, there is one semaphore file to indicate that all files that make up the report are available to be downloaded but multiple acknowledgements (one for each file).

DDEX may define the syntax of the acknowledgement message in a separate Part of this standard at a later time.,