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  • Simplified process to the reduction of rights and takedowns (Note: this approach has also been adapted for ERN-3);
  • Support for accompanying a NewReleaseMessage with an additional XML file containing information in addition to what has, traditionally, been sent from a Release Creator's supply chain to support, for instance, voice activated music services;
  • Ability to for a Release Creator so signal to a Release Distributor how it wishes artist information should be displayed as part of a title;
  • Ability to communicate display credits;
  • Ability to provide track sequences using letters; and
  • A series of smaller changes to closer align the NewReleaseMessage with messages defined in other DDEX Standards, particularly RIN and MLC.

Version 4.1.1 corrects a number of small errors in the XSD (ensuring that Synopsis and Keywords are available on Release and TrackRelease, adding a flag to indicate whether a Contributor is a credited artist, aligning the ResourceRightsController and WorkRightsController composites, enabling the communication of label hierarchies, add the ability to differentiate “covers” from “originals”) and adds rules for the communication of Preview Dates.