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The NewReleaseMessage in ERN-3 contains a field UpdateIndicator. This field has been deprecated and users are strongly discouraged to make use of it. DDEX has removed the field in ERN-4.


The only purpose for such an UpdateIndicator field would be to indicate to the recipient that it already has received and ingested a message containing the same data elements and that the current message provides an update to the older message,

This assumes, therefore, that

  • The sender knows that it has already send a message about the same, in our case, Release;
  • The recipient has received this message;
  • The recipient has ingested this message (the original message may still be in a ingestion queue when an urgent update is sent); and
  • The recipient still has  the Release in its database when the update message arrives.

A recipient only has any benefit if all of these conditions are met – if only one is not met, receiving a message that purports to be an update is, in essence a new message. Any decent implementation therefore still needs to check whether the entities communicated in a NewReleaseMessage is already in the database – thus sidelineing, if not ignoring, the UpdateIndicator.

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