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Attached to this article are a number of XML documents representing two classical releases in ERN 3.8, 4.2 and 4.3. These two releases are:

  • A classical album of Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G Minor (K. 550) recorded by the Wiener Philharmoniker directed by Leonard Bernstein containing four sound recordings (the four movements) and one cover art image; and
  • A classical “single” of Mozart’s Overture to Lucio Silla (K. 135) containing one recording and one cover art image.

As evident from the examples, the structure of these two releases is very similar. Both sets of examples contain:

  • A list of all parties describing display artists, contributors and the releasing label (ERN-4 samples only);
  • A list of sound recordings;
  • A single image resource;
  • One main release; and
  • One track release for each of the sound recordings that are contained in the main release.

Moreover, the structure of these composites is, basically, the same across the different versions. This specifically also applies to the main Release composites: they all contain a ResourceGroup structure – even when describing the layout of a classical single. The only difference, besides singles having three fewer resources than the albums, is that albums have one additional level of ResourceGroup, representing the complex work. Thus, the albums have ResourceGroups for the release, the data carrier/disk and the work while the single only has ResourceGroups for the release itself and the data carrier/disk.

In addition, there are a few changes pertaining to the classical aspects between the versions. The most important difference is that the recordings’ formal title in all versions up to ERN 4.2 must contain the same data as the display title (i.e. the grouping title followed by the title of the movement), whereas in ERN 4.3 it is just the title of the movement.

Also, the ERN-3 samples do not contain a PartyList; instead the names of the artists and contributors are provided inside the composites describing the resources and releases.

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