Version 1.4 of the MLC standard contains various minor updates, including a better description of artists and contributors and a closer alignment of role codes to ERN and RIN. In addition, Version 1.4 contains a new message to allow recipients of DeclarationOfSoundRecordingRightsClaimMessagesto report the status of such rights claims back to the sender of the claim message.

Specific changes to the DeclarationOfSoundRecordingRightsClaimMessageinclude the introduction of an allowed value set for instruments (instead of having a free-form string) and the addition of “studio roles” (such as Engineer) into the role codes for contributors.

Version 1.4 of the MLC standard has a clearer separation between the different types of contributors and artists that played a role in the creation of sound recordings and/or music videos. The DeclarationOfSoundRecordingRightsClaimMessagenow separates out:

In addition, the contribution of either of the two types of contributors has been placed into a separate composite called Contribution.