This section of the Knowledge Base intended to aid developers in properly implementing the DDEX MLC DeclarationOfSoundRecordingRightsClaim message. This sheet is written according to DDEX MLC 1.3.1. The example XML (provided by SCPP) is also based on DDEX MLC 1.3.1.

It addresses these issues:

  • Map the local database terminology to the DDEX terms and Allowed Value Sets (AVS). The AVS provides for ‘User Defined’ values, but the use of this in practice compromises interoperability and is not a substitute for careful mapping of local variable into the DDEX system;
  • Be able to process the XML language so as to generate messages and/or receive them and extract the data;
  • Implement at least one of the DDEX MLC messages;
  • Make tests of generation of DDEX messages from your IT system;
  • Exchange test files with other DDEX MLC Message Suite users; and then:
  • Go live!