Update Cycle

In 2013 DDEX moved to a regular update cycle. This means that  DDEX will wait for at least one year before issuing a new version of a particular standard.

There are two exceptions to this rule, however:

  1. Should an error be found in a DDEX standard, DDEX will publish a "corrigendum" as soon as possible.
  2. Should an urgent business requirement exist, DDEX may issue an interim version called a "Public Draft". These Public Drafts have standard quality but will be replaced once the next full version is published.


DDEX will make sure that two such versions are "forward-compatible" (i.e. the older versions can be processed with an implementation based on the newer version). This specifically applies to Public Drafts but not to corrigenda.

In cases where such compatibility cannot be achieved, a new major version number will be used.