Display Artist composite and Display Artist Name element

DDEX messages allow for the communication of the "main artist" – i.e. the artist name that is shown in big letters on the product sleeve. This information can be provided in two ways:

Releases and Resources

The same concepts applies to Resources such as sound recordings. In most Releases all Resources' display artist is the same as the display artist for the release. The three main exceptions are:

Communicating Display Artist

If a Resource's display artist is the same as for the Release containing the Resource, the appropriate DisplayArtist and DisplayArtistName should be communicated on Release level only; there is no need for Resource level DisplayArtistName data.

If a Resource's display artist differs from the Release's, display artist DisplayArtist and DisplayArtistName data must be communicated for the Release and the Resource. The rules differ slightly for different versions of the NewReleaseMessage:

Rules for ERN Version 3.7 and above

Rules for ERN Version 3.6 and before