The Deal List provides the availability of the Releases. It describes when, where and how the releases can be made available. The Deal List provides a list of Release Deals, each having a reference back to a Release and defining the deal terms. Each Release Deal describes the commercial terms and usage information for each available Release. This includes the territories the Release can be made available, commercial model, usage type, pricing and deal validity period for each release listed. The deal start date usually represents the Release Date when the release can be made available to consumers in the specified territory.

Each Release Deal references back to the relevant Release using Release References. For example, the Release Deal for the Album Release references the Release identified by Release Reference R0, Track 1 by Release Reference R1, Track 2 by Release Reference R2, etc.

Within a Deal, a pre-order date can be specified. The pre-order date defines when the Release can be made available for pre-order, but not fulfilled to the consumer until the Deal start date. A pre-order preview date can also be specified. This defines if and when the preview clips can be made available to the consumer during the pre-order period.

Deals are also used to notify of Takedowns. A takedown is the blanket loss of all rights and can be applied to specific territories or all territories. A takedown implies that all previous deals are cancelled in the specified territories on the takedown deal start date.

The exact fields to to be used in a specific business case (e.g. describing a Ringtone Deal or a Subscription Download) is defined in the relevant Business Profile standard. More details on profiling can be found here.