DDEX Flat-file Sales Usage Reporting Standard

To access older versions, please contact the DDEX Secretariat.

Samples for the current version of the DSRF Standard (Excel and TSV).

What is the aim of the Audio-visual Profile?

The aim of the Audio-visual Profile is to enable licensees (typically digital service providers) to report to rights controllers (typically audio-visual rights societies) information regarding the level of usage and/or revenue generated from the distribution of audiovisual recordings (excluding musical videos).

Dedicated fields are available for international identifiers of audio-visual works.

What business models does it encompass?

This profile covers  various forms of distribution of videos (such as video streaming, catch-up TV and downloads) that are available under various commercial models (such as advertisement-supported models, pay as you go or subscriptions).

How is a report structured?

Usage and/or revenues are reported using the following way: